Quantum-Ops provides recruitment process outsourcing to multinational IT companies in the US. We are recruiting IT professionals from Entry Point and right up to Executive Positions.

We are currently offering the processes of Contractual Staffing and Permanent Recruitments.

We embrace the 21st Century hiring practices and implement top-notch recruitment tools to look out for the best of the best talents in the industry.

Moreover, through our systematic procedures of screening, interviewing, and placement consultation, Quantum Ops is ready to take the complete responsibility of placing the best talents for the jobs and projects.

Contract Staffing

When it comes to Contract Staffing, the needs of Enterprises can be dynamic, and we are here to meet them. You may either need just project-based staffing for the short term or need a small team for accomplishing different short-term projects or need a sizeable workforce for a long-term basis.
Through our dynamic Contract Staffing practices, we help enterprises build substantial Project Teams that are appropriate for their avid requirements and are ready to take on challenges with the kind of intuitive skillet that needs to impart brilliant teamwork.

Quantum Ops - Who We Are

We aim to create a Flat Organisation, where the work is the main focus, and the people are equal. We dignify our prowess through our team, who are flexible, independent, and dynamic professionals - masters in their craft.
Smart Working Is Our Mantra, Rather Than Hard Working! While our community is based on our work, we are not boring to work with! Our Networking Events, Rewards & Recognition, Festivals and Birthdays, create the kind of place that people dreamt of working at, as a child.

What Makes Quantum Ops A Great Place To Work?

It is our way of approach, our distribution of work, and recognition of performance that makes us a place where Mondays don’t feel like the End of the World.

  • We support equal wages for all individuals based on their performance.
  • We provide our workers with adequate equipment to deliver the level of production that we expect from them.
  • We Value Our Customers. But We Revere Our Staff - Because It Through Their Work That Sustains Our Professional Esteem

At Quantum-Ops we believe that the capability to evolve is the greatest strength for a professional. That’s why we organize frequent Training and Workshops by collaborating with Industry Experts, to optimize the qualities of each professional that we work with.

If you are someone, who is not only talented in your job but are rather passionate about it, the greatest gift we offer you is Freedom and Flexibility. In an environment where you can make a decision, make a change, create something overly new, go with the flow, have a break, have a nap… have a good life at Quantum Ops.