Software Applications are becoming the drive-force of Enterprise Management for almost every industry vertical. And the drive-force for meaningful Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) is the ability to evolve with new technological trends and the preparedness to overcome emerging challenges, through a modular, fast-evolving, actionable approach.

Software Applications - it means a lot of things - Web and Mobile Applications, Applications of Object-Oriented Programming, Client-Server Applications, or the Applications used for Legacy Modernisation and Expansion. To uphold and conserve organizational values, every domain of software program needs the kind of design prototype and process mapping solutions that are meticulously capable of outmaneuvering the high tides of C-H-A-N-G-E, without changing the system or its consistency.

That is exactly what we, at Quantum-Ops, are committed to bringing you through our application development and management services - a well-defined lifecycle that makes sure that your business growth is never halted by process outages or product backlogs, but the growth is rather accelerated with improved efficiency, resilience, and adaptability to emerging technologies.

Agile Concepts, Digital Transformation, AI Mechanisms and Automation - Through Dynamic Courses Of Business-Technology Integration, Enterprises Can Not Only Have Better Methods, But Greater Opportunities. Here’s To Making Your Enterprise Ready For The Future.

With the utility of robust and scalable Application Development Software and Frameworks, enterprises can automate and standardize key domains of Database Management, Workflow Management, Enterprise Alignment, Cloud Applications, Online Sales, and much more.

At Quantum-Ops we deliver custom software solutions through our highly accomplished software engineers, who can help you develop, deploy, and provide constant support through personified technology bundles. We can build new, custom turnkey apps, or improve your legacy systems, with new upgrades and integrations. Our primary work revolves around the following domains of Software Application Development:

  • eCommerce Web Applications
  • CRM Applications, using a variety of open-source technology, including .NET, C#, Java, and J2EE, Lamp
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • DevOps Integration
  • Web-based Application Development
  • Mobile Applications Development - iOS, Android, Hybrid, HTML5,
  • BigData & Cloud - consultation and assistance on design prototyping and personalized assistance on BigData analytics to source out valuable insights out of raw data. We widely support Apache frameworks - Spark, Storm, Hadoop, Cassandra. But work with other frameworks too.

A typical app development waterfall model includes initial business case analysis, setup of CI/CD Pipelines, Design, and Prototyping. After the development has been complete, then come to the stages of documenting software requirements specification (SRS), software testing of both functional and non-functional aspects, plus, all other requisites of post-implementation support. Meanwhile, the newer styles and utilities of Agile/Scrum methodology or Rapid Application Development (RAD) have signified iterative and incremental development, that gives enterprises the power of Adaptive Management through informed decision-making and being able to act promptly in phases of growing uncertainty.

Meeting Emerging Tech Challenges Through Quintessential Application Modernization Services Transform your legacy systems with end-to-end ADM services and technology bundles and custom ADM solutions by Quantum-Ops. Make Your Enterprise Ready For The Future.