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About Quantum Ops

Quantum Ops is an IT Consultation & Services Company that offers on-shore and off-shore services owing to digital transformation, digital security, IT staffing, and business intelligence, with the vision to empower digitally emerging enterprises all across the USA.

We are a coming-of-age organization that is backed by a highly experienced team of professionals representing diverse areas of expertise in planning, implementation, development, and management of various technologies and processes. Our prowess is to supply expert support and quintessential resources for aligning business with realistic and functional technology innovation, imparting scalable operational capabilities for consistent growth and success.


We help you with choosing the requisite technology for your enterprise, conduct system integration, training the staff, along with maintenance and security through cloud support.


When it is your call to deliver a client, develop an innovation, or decide a movement, we help you manage your IT projects like a pro, with perfect timing and efficient execution.


Before discovering the things you need, it is a good practice to explore the things you already have. Start with a consultation with us, it either saves wastage of resources or saves money!

Working with Scalable Software Solutions with a Human Approach

We collaborate with enterprises and in-house teams for software development and deployment. Our core values are to develop and represent ubiquitous business technology through ERMs, Communication software, system administration, and much more.

Software technologies certainly make your job easier and empower your enterprise with dynamic capabilities and efficiency, but every software has a limitation. We at Quantum-Ops realize the fact, that it is only by providing adequate human-assistance to reduce software glitches, security breaches, and operational hazards, that we can fulfil the criteria of a safe and sustainable digital ecosystem for your enterprise, so as to ensure an uninterrupted growth process.

The Finest Business Goal is Movement. But Over Speed, You Should Favor Agility

The board of members at Quantum Ops facilitates a powerhouse resource for IT industries at large. We are ready and well-equipped to work with small startups, SMEs, as well as large-scale multidisciplinary organizations, to deliver turnkey programs and SaaS with real-time accessibility, that is practically affordable.

We believe that the key to ensuring sustainable business growth is in never giving up on education and enlightenment. It is okay if you had a misconception, or were mislead by some information, there is always a way to improve and improvise.

So at Quantum Ops, we start with educating in a non-preaching approach, as we work towards helping enterprises overcome hurdles, backlogs, and wrong initiatives, though agile problem-solving for critical issues.


Quantum Ops Services

Our work establishes our identity. Our identity is what you trust. Through core IT services and consultancy, we bring you deliberate growth prospects, with a result-driven approach.

Cloud Migrations

Discover the benefits and freedom of iCloud - shift your legacy infrastructure to cloud platforms. We support migrations to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle among others.

Dev Ops

Combining the ‘development’ of software and ‘operations’ of Information Technology, we have the novel DevOps - that takes software scalability and quality to the next level.

Cyber Security

Leverage high-fidelity threat intelligence and cybersecurity services, that will protect your valuable data and intellectual property from inevitable cyberthreats.

Application Development & Maintenance

We develop custom ERM solutions, Mobile Applications, Web Portals as well as maintain, integrate, debug, and improve the existing software used in your enterprise.

Staffing & Consulting services

Get the ideal people for the job without much ado! We are running the most substantial recruiting services to align the best people for diverse industry verticals.

DW/BI & Advanced Analytics

If your data have grown too scattered and voluminous, it is a good time to ensure a bigger better Data Warehousing and Busines Intelligence that’d make business decision-making simpler.

Why choose us?

Among other reasons, you can choose us because, while we take the responsibility to empower and improve your enterprise’s IT infrastructure, we never take over your position to choose.

A Strong Portfolio

We bring you sophisticated IT resources powered by industry experts with a strong portfolio including each service that we provide - it is downright best-in-class.

We Never Generalize

We run by the philosophy that every business is unique, and never recycle the policies or solutions that we provided to other clients out of generalization.

A Complete Solution

You won’t have to look any further, as we offer you a complete centralized package for software development, project designing, staffing, and business integration.

Quantum Ops


We are committed to empowering your enterprise by providing cutting-edge eVerify solutions that streamline employee verification processes


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